Dogs truly are man’s best friend, and you would be hard-pressed to find a human as capable of loyalty and unconditional love. Because they give us so much, it’s nice to give them something as well, and getting out on a dog agility course can be a great way to help your dog get the most out of their life. Here are a few benefits your agility dog will enjoy.

1. Dogs Need Exercise & Agility Provides Tons Of Activity

While some breeds need more exercise than others, all dogs benefit from regular exercise. Walks around the neighborhood are great, but they can be a bit tedious for you and your dog. Agility training provides exercise that not only strengthens and tones your dog, it also engages all of his senses. Many agility obstacles are based on instinctive animal behavior from the days when dogs dashed through the woods scampering after prey. Plus, dogs love agility and they love earning all that praise from their owner.

2. A Social Dog Is A Happy Dog

We all know that dogs love their people, but they also enjoy being around dogs. Keep in mind that dogs are used to roaming about in packs. The dog park can be a bit intimidating for some dogs, but an agility club or agility class might be less stressful. After all, these are dogs that already are pretty well behaved and friendly;,otherwise their owners wouldn’t be considering agility contests. Being able to behave and be friendly with other animals is important for agility because dogs run the course off-leash. In addition, the human companions will enjoy meeting new people with the shared interest of agility, and it’s a great way to pick up tips and tricks for training.

3. It’s All About The Bond

When you first get a new dog, whether it’s a puppy or an older rescue animal, it takes a bit of time to bond. Teaching agility skills can be a fantastic way for you to spend time together, and because you are truly engaged with one another, it will cement the bond between you and build trust quickly. The pause table is a great place to start because you will be combining basic obedience skills with agility skills. By spending time together, your dog will understand you better and you will become more in tune with your dog’s personality and learn the best way to manage your new friend’s behavior.

When you begin agility training, you only need a few pieces of agility equipment. You could purchase a pause table, as well as a few jumps and perhaps a tunnel or a teeter. Start out by teaching your pet to sit and stay on the pause table and increase the distance between the two of you, which is called distance training and it’s an important component of agility training. Once the pause table is going well, add a jump and then add the teeter or a second jump and extend the course after each new piece of agility equipment is mastered.

Online stores, including Carlson Agility, sell all the agility equipment you might need. At Carlson Agility, you will find pause tables, agility dog walks, a-frames, teeters, tunnels and chutes, weave poles, all types of jumps and much more. For a tiny dog or a puppy, opt for the miniature agility equipment, which allows smaller animals to practice agility safely. Of course, mini equipment also can be used with larger dogs for some great indoor training so that you can keep practicing even if the weather is poor.

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For those who have acquired or are soon to acquire a new furry friend, dog training and puppy training is quite important. You might think that you can skip this process, but there are many reasons why dog obedience training is one of the best things you can do for you, your family and your canine companion.

It is important to know that every year, there are hundreds of thousands of these canines breed will be surrendered to dog shelters and put to sleep. There are reasons for this and one of the top reasons why they end up in the shelters is because of bad behavior of the dogs. Scratching furniture or doors is one or they bark most of the time, or they run out every time you open the door or the car door or they destroy items in the house they see. It is a pain in the neck if you have pets that are causing you problems always, but like children, they have to be taught on the proper behavior to have, and with some patience, dog owners can teach dogs on following orders properly. The dog training you have can keep your dog from ending up in the dog shelters and help you truly enjoy your time spent with your pet.

Another reason to consider dog training is to keep your dog safe from harm. A dog that darts away from your home or jumps out of your car puts itself in danger. In addition to dangers from cars driving along the road, your dog also might encounter unfriendly dogs and wild animals. Even running away and darting into shrubbery can cause them to become injured. In addition, it’s not much fun chasing after a pet that won’t come when you call it and having to deal with an animal that constantly runs away. With proper dog training, your dog easily can be taught to stay when you tell them to and never dart away again.

The dog training given will let you improve the enjoyment you will have with your dog companion. You can only imagine a dog coming quickly when you call or will stop barking on command, or not jump up on your guests or chew anything and damage things in your house. Any dog can be trained to follow proper behavior and you will have more fun with your dog if he or she conforms to the rules of your home. In addition, if you enjoy taking your dog places, it is much easier to bring Fido along if you know he will behave properly.

Lastly, when you teach your dog rules and proper behavior, the two of you are spending valuable time together. This helps you both understand each other better and cements the bond between dog and owner. Obedience training actually strengthens the relationship between you and your pet because your dog knows what to expect and how to behave and you are happy with your dog. A dog loves to please, and a happy, affectionate owner is all the reward a dog truly ever needs.

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